Quarantine Boogie: A Boudoir By Laura Playlist


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Quarantine Boogie - a Laura Quintero Photography Playlist

Having to stay home has been…tough. On all of us!

I don’t think there are many people left (except maybe the extremely wealthy and the extremely oblivious) that are just chillin through this tumultuous and unpredictable time.

One thing that has consistently helped me feel calm, safe, and grounded has been dancing. Not just through weekly dance classes with The Lion’s Den, but by just playing music and moving.

There is nothing better to connect with your body and bring a little pep into your step than by playing some fun tunes and shaking what you’ve got!

So, I made this playlist. It’s got a good mix of some of my favorite songs right now (and it’s not entirely Bad Bunny, so that’s good).

Most songs are upbeat and chosen specifically to make you want to move your body. There’s a variety of styles and genres of music in here, too. You’re bound to find something you enjoy in here!

I plan to continually update this playlist as new fun songs come on my radar, so add this to your library and tune in periodically!

If you enjoy this playlist, please share about it on your social channels with the hashtag #dancingwithLQP, and don’t forget to tag me!

And, keep your eyes peeled for a live dance party (happening over on Instagram) sometime soon! We might even take it to Zoom if you want it to be a bit more interactive!

I hope you’re staying safe, staying calm, and staying connected with your needs and your loved ones.




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