Why your body is the key to finding peace


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During these unpredictable and fearful times, it can be really hard to find peace and calm. There are so many unknowns that it can be hard to feel grounded and safe. And especially in times of global insecurity, we yearn to feel safe now more than ever.

Your body holds the key to finding peace. 

In a society that places sooooo much focus and energy on outward appearance (what we wear, what shape we are, the color of our skin, the way we express our gender), it can be hard to see your body for what it really is.

Your body is the vessel that carries us from day to day, from task to task. It moves us through the world. It is movement, breath, and energy.

By tuning into our body, its vibrations, and its needs, we can achieve a whole new level of peace.

Now, you might be thinking “Laura, that sounds awesome but how the heck do I do this?”

I gotchu, boo.

The key to finding peace through your body is to do so without judgement. The way your body looks is NOT important in any of these exercises. I know, easier said than done.

Any time you feel a judgement on your body coming in your mind, don’t feel discouraged. Acknowledge it for what it is: a thought, not a fact. Then refocus your mind onto the activity.

This may happen once, or it might happen a lot more often than that. It’s ok either way. You’re doing fine. Don’t punish yourself or give up. Just bring your mind back to the activity at hand and keep going. It gets easier with time, I promise!


What you need:

  • Your favorite lotion
  • A favorite sensual song (that is about 3 minutes long)
  • The body part you want to focus on
  • A candle or incense (optional)

Press play on the track and see if you can moisturize that body part for the entire song.

Allow yourself to get into it! Move your body to the song you’ve chosen. Breathe deeply. 

After the chosen body part is fully moisturized, allow yourself to expand toward the surrounding areas, giving each chosen spot the love and attention it deserves.


What you need:

Choose a playlist that evokes the mood you’re hoping to achieve and that feels comfortable with the mood you’re in now. If you’re feeling especially distraught, a mood-boosting playlist may be hard to get into. 

Start seated. Press play and close your eyes. Start to move to the music in a way that feels right for you.

Maybe your body wants small, rolling movements. Maybe you want to jump up and down and wiggle around. Maybe you just want to sway side to side for now.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. There is no good or bad dancing here. This is not the time for choreography or for critiquing technique. This is for exploration and appreciation for your body. 


What you need:

  • Yourself
  • A comfortable place to explore
  • A candle or incense (optional)

This one is so important. There is so much focus on masturbation and sexual pleasure that sometimes we forget to interact with our body in a non-sexual way.

Take some time to touch yourself. But like, not sexually. Just touch yourself. Familiarize yourself with all your curves and edges. Feel your skin. Feel the sensation of your touch. 

Take all the time you need. There is NO rush here. If you start to feel uncomfortable, take a break. If you start to feel aroused, take a break (or heck, lean into it and have fun, do what feels right).

I would absolutely LOVE to know if you try these practices! These have been so important for my healing and for finding peace, and I really hope they bring you peace.

What worked for you? What did you struggle with? What feelings came up for you throughout? What are you excited to try?

Thank you for reading. I am so honored that you’re here. I hope you and your loved ones are well. If you or they are not, I am sending all of my love and support.

Why your body is the key to finding peace, a blog post by Laura Quintero Photography


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