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astrology is so darn 

What a beautiful and liberating thought, right?

Exactly as you are right now, in this body, in this place, in this time, you are enough.

You don't need to lose weight or change your skin routine to be enough. You don't need makeup or fancy clothes or a nicer house or any material item. You're already worthy of everything!

You body is just a thing, a container for your essence. And that essence is what I capture in my sessions. It's not about your looks or body, it's about capturing and celebrating who you have become and who you are destined to be.

By fusing my astrological practice with my 9 years of photography experience, I am able to capture the full you, with all your intricacies, and tell your story. No myths, no illusion, no societal expectations. 

You are worthy of celebration, admiration, and peace. You deserve to see the light within you. Let me help you harness the light within so you can shine your brightest.


"[The chart reading] was full of validation for me. In a time where I have been questioning myself/foundation, it was meaningful to get some of the same messages I have been receiving from something outside of me...Overall, I felt seen, a genuine and truly rare occurrence for me as most people look to me to be seen."


"[The chart reading] helped me to see certain parts of my personality / tendencies that are very strong and what I need to show up as my best self. I feel more confident in my own abilities and skills."


"[The birth chart reading] was easily digestible with lots of wow-moments as Laura explained the depths of my moon and rising sign characteristics, as well as houses! It was all very interesting and has led me on a personal astrology journey."

Laura W.

"[The chart reading] was eye opening! It is so crazy to see how spot on some of things are!"

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some nice things clients have said

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$150 quarterly subscription 

Subscribe to Astro Weather to receive a customized monthly video discussing how planetary movements are influencing you!

Includes a quarterly personalized video, journal prompts for the new/full moon, key dates, and space for questions!

Must have had a chart reading with me to subscribe.

Astro Weather Forecast

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readings start at $75

Learn how the planets were placed at the moment of your birth and the impact they have on your personality and life path.

Gain personalized wisdom and suggestions to better suit your cosmic path.

No prior astrology knowledge required! Choose between two tiers for the reading that works best for you

the birth chart reading

options and offerings

no more hiding. become your true, authentic


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