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the journey hasn't always been easy

Like so many people, I struggle with insecurity. It feels like everywhere I look, there's a new reminder that my body, my one true home, is not good enough. On top of that, there is so much shame and stigma surrounding the human body, especially the female body. It's no wonder that we internalize that shame and carry it with us daily.

Having my own boudoir session was scary and intimidating, but it changed everything for me. I finally saw myself as beautiful, brave, sexy, and free. The newfound confidence is still with me nearly four years after my session, and I can't wait to share that feeling with you!

Give yourself permission to call your body home. You are worthy of celebration. You deserve to feel worthy as you carry yourself through life. You are enough, you are enough, you are enough.


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I love to dance! I danced ballet growing up, and continue to dance now!


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Chips are my love language! I even named my dachshund puppy after a Doritos meme!


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I'm an astrologer! Knowing my birth chart helped me understand myself, and I use it to inform and compliment my photo sessions, too!


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I'm a major bookworm! You can usually find me reading. I feel most myself with my nose buried in the pages of a novel.


Some fun facts about Laura


Working with Laura was a delight! Beyond her lovely, genuine, and romantic photos, the experience itself was equally good. Laura took care around my insecurities without letting me get wrapped up in them. The results were beyond what I expected!


Laura made me feel excited, calm, and comfortable. All the photos she captured of me completely captured my quirky personality. She is so good at making me feel empowered!


Laura is an absolute joy to work with! She helps with posing recommendations, and makes you feel beautiful the entire time. I could not be more happy with how the photos turned out!

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