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Josie is my best and oldest friend! We’ve been friends since my sophomore year of high school, where we met via our high school dance team. We later went to college together and ended up roommates my senior year!

She’s been an incredible source of love and friendship, and she has always been so supportive of me and my little business.

I was thrilled when she wanted to do her own virtual session, and I am so happy with how these photos turned out!

What made you want to schedule a virtual photo shoot?

I love working with Laura on in-person shoots, so when I saw she was doing virtual ones I had to hop on the opportunity!

What was the virtual photo shoot experience like for you?

It was incredibly easy to navigate! I just had to prop my phone up on some DIY tripods 🙂 and Laura did all the work from there! You just had to pose and do your thing while she does her thing! It felt kind of cool to be ‘setting up’ your own photoshoot and angles! And Laura has a great eye for the best spots in the house/lighting/angles, etc!

What has self-isolation/quarantine been like?

I’ve been lucky because I’m quarantined with loved ones! So thankfully I haven’t felt too isolated or lonely. I’ve also noticed a huge spike in how much I talk to my friends! Whether it’s via chat, text, FaceTime, virtual yoga, etc. The extra attention to keeping quality friendships is definitely something I want to continue after quarantine is over.


What has been your favorite self-isolation/quarantine activity?

Yoga everyday!

What song/artist/playlist have you been turning to for comfort?

I have been loving listening to ‘Glorious’ by Ella Henderson, and ‘Never Seen the Rain’ by Tones and I.

What are you missing the most these days?

Being able to have friend group gatherings. I love hosting so I miss that! As well as the warm weather – where you at Sun?!

What are you most looking forward to once things get back to normal?

Going on walks outside with friends, getting friends together, hugging people.

What lesson have you learned that you will carry through to the future?

Create and foster genuine friendships. Friends can help you through so much – it’s so important to keep those friendships and relationships strong.

What at-home activities do you recommend?

Workouts: YogiApproved, Yoga with Tim, Sarah Beth Yoga, Boho Beautiful, Nike Training Club app

Shows: rewatching New Girl, & just started Money Heist

Off-screen activities: do a puzzle, learn a new dance (Salsa, Brazilian Zouk, etc), craft, board games, create a meal from a recipe, read.

* A note from Laura: if you’re going to shop for activities, be sure to support a local small business! Your community needs and deserves your money and support. Amazon definitely doesn’t.

Where can people connect with you?

I’m on Instagram at @josievmai and on Youtube at Josie Mai 

I hope you enjoyed meeting my bestest friend! Definitely check her out on Insta and Youtube, she creates some amazing content about healthy lifestyle, her year of traveling, and fun things about her life! Plus she’s fun, sweet, smart, and friendly. She’ll be a wonderful addition to your feeds!

And don’t forget, if you want your own virtual session, you can learn more and schedule your own here!

Love ya!


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