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I ready more in 2020 than I had in a really long time, and I read some really great books!

A few things before we dive in:

  • I try to keep a diverse bookshelf, because who needs to read another story by/about a wealthy straight white man, amirite? I recommend you do the same when building out your bookshelf!
  • All the links go to One More Page Books, a local-to-me bookshop that is just the best. It’s the kind of bookstore that makes me misty-eyed whenever I enter, just because it’s the perfect place. I dream of owning a bookstore one day, and I want it to be like OMP. They offer curbside pickup, delivery, and shipping options, and they’re just the best people around.
  • While Amazon can be necessary for independent publishers to get their books seen, it’s NOT the best place to buy books (read this or this). Support a local-to-you or black-owned bookstore instead!
  • These books are in the order I read them, not ranked in any way!

Alright, let’s do it!

Free food for millionaires by Min Jin Lee

  • Author of Pachinko, another book I adore that you should definitely read
  • Nice hefty book, beautifully written
  • Good if you want to be sucked into a story with multiple perspectives in one

you were born for this by chani nicholas

  • Unlocking the key to your birth chart
  • Chani is an astrologer I have learned a lot from (she has an app now that’s amazing)
  • Great for personal discovery and as an astrological reference book

interior chinatown by charles yu

  • Parts are written in screenplay style, which is so fun (I love books that play with style)
  • Tells the minority experience in a really beautiful way, this book will stick with you even after you’ve finished it
  • Not too long, but also a book meant to be savored

born a crime by trevor noah

  • Such a powerful memoir, written by a man who is an incredible storyteller
  • You should read this and then watch Son of Patricia
  • TW: brief mentions of apartheid racism

someone who will love you in all your damaged glory by raphael bob-waksberg

  • The author is the creator of Bojack Horseman! 
  • These short stories are wild and great. I don’t know what else to say about them, that pretty much sums it up
  • If you didn’t like Bojack, this might not be the book for you

unmarriageable by soniah kamal

  • A Pakistani reimagining of Pride & Prejudice
  • It’s like reading Jane Austen but better! 
  • A nice length, a good book to power through when you want a nice distraction

sharks in the time of saviors by kawai strong-washburn

  • I am already itching to read this book again!
  • Lyrical, beautiful language, with some beautiful magical realism
  • It’s just…*chef’s kiss,* there’s a depth and beauty that’s hard to describe

fiebre tropical by juliana delgado lopera

  • Spanglish! You love to see it
  • Queer love in a super-christian community, + the immigrant experience
  • You just feel like you’re talking to a friend while reading this book

little gods by meng jin

  • Who knew physics interspersed with fiction could be so beautiful?
  • The story is not linear, which is awesome! But does require lots of focus
  • Explores the mother-daughter bond and so much more, I loved this book!

sing, unburied, sing by jesmyn ward

  • This book is just, WOW
  • A mix of thick, slow moments and action so fast you barely see it coming
  • Short read, but may affect you deeply

know my name by chanel miller

  • I am so glad I was brave enough to finally read this book. I was scared it would be too triggering for me, but it was just what I needed
  • Chanel’s writing and honesty and simplicity is so powerful, and if you’ve dealt with sexual assault, this might be helpful to you
  • Chanel has a podcast with her sister Tiffany and it’s sweet and adorable, check that out too!

girl, woman, other by bernadine evaristo

  • This book reads like a poem, and it’s so nice
  • You’re taken through 12 women’s stories, who connect with each other in some way
  • What a beautiful portrait of the myriad experiences of black women

exhalation by ted chiang

  • Short story collection 
  • An exploration of the possibilities that technology could some day afford us
  • It’s like black mirror without being tragic or scary!

drive your plow over the bones of the dead by olga tokarczuk

  • A completely insane book that was so much fun !
  • I also liked that the main character is an astrologer!
  • A perfect little exciting escape 

the binding by bridget collins

  • A really cool reimagining of how books hold memories
  • Lovely love story
  • This was another book I couldn’t put down!

sourdough by robin sloan

  • I absolutely loved this book about a woman who inherits a very special sourdough starter
  • Remember when everyone was making bread in the pandemic? This will take you right back to that
  • Short, sweet, felt like a warm slice of toast

bubblegum by adam levin

  • I still think about this book, like at least once a week
  • It’s written as a memoir of someone who grew up in a world without the internet.
  • This book is LONG, and not necessarily an easy read (it’s kind of stream-of-consciousness, so some sentences can be tough to follow)

a tale for the time being by ruth ozeki

  • I adored this book!
  • A woman finds a journal on the beach, and is enthralled by what she reads
  • I still think about this book, too
  • Exciting and soothing at the same time

So, what do you think? Any books catch your eye? What are some of your favorite books you’ve read? I’d love to know!


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