Birth chart readings are dope! Here’s why

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You’ve probably noticed that astrology has become waaaaay more prevalent these days. I read somewhere that in times of turmoil, stress, and fear, the esoteric arts have a renaissance because they provide comfort, solace, and new faith where faith may have been lost.

It’s no surprise that 2020 brought with it a huge boom in interest in and conversations about astrology. What might surprise is you is just how powerful this so-called pseudoscience can be.

A few things to start us off here:

  • Astrology came before astronomy (check out this timeline!), and is NOT a pop culture phenomenon
  • Astrology is a language of symbols more than a science, although so much of astrology is based in mathematics/science
  • Horoscopes are mainly for entertainment, there is so much more to astrology.
  • Astrology cannot and should not be used to predict the future. It can give you a forecast (just like the weatherman can), and tell you what the metaphorical weather will be like in the future
  • You are more than just your sun sign, and you have all twelve signs present in your celestial DNA

If any of those things came as a surprise to you, great! I can’t wait to share more about why birth chart readings are the best!

So, what’s a birth chart?

Birth Chart: A map of the celestial sphere at the precise moment and location of your birth. It shows the placement of all planets oriented around you, demonstrating the influence of each planetary drive and it’s style of manifestation in your life

Therefore, a birth chart reading is allowing a professional astrologer interpret the symbols and translate the language of the universe for you, giving you an intimate look at your inner blueprint and help you find your path to embodying your truest self.

If you enjoy the knowledge you get by taking a Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, or finding out what sandwich you are on Buzzfeed, then you would enjoy a birth chart reading.

If you don’t like personality tests because you feel like they never get it quite right and just put you into a box, then you should DEFINITELY get a birth chart reading!

Because your birth chart is unique to the exact location and moment (down to the minute) you were born, it is 100% unique to you.

It eliminates the boxes and labels you’ve been forced to fit into and opens up all the possibilities that come with being you! You’ll see your gifts and abilities celebrated, your challenges and wounds validated, and you’ll be given divine permission to fully be yourself.

Sounds great, right? I know, it’s pretty sweet. Here’s what some of my clients have to say about their experience!

Cassandra (Pisces sun) says:

“I’ve always been interested in my birth chart, I just had no idea how to read it! I also wanted to learn more about myself, parts of my personality, and what would work best for me. It helped me to see certain parts of my personality/tendencies that are very strong and what I need to show up as my best self. I feel more confident in my own abilities and skills.”

Murphy (Taurus sun) says:

“[The chart reading] was full of validation for me. In a time where I have been questioning myself/foundation, it was meaningful to get some of the same messages I have been receiving from something outside of me…Overall, I felt seen, a genuine and truly rare occurrence for me as most people look to me to be seen. To pick up on things that are relevant to me NOW, that takes intuition which Laura obviously has. I recognize that and I appreciate it. That mindset speaks to the HONORING Laura brings to this work. The respect she feels toward every reading/human. That. Is. Wisdom. Laura is a rare one.”

If you’re interested in booking a chart reading with me, please join the waitlist here. As my calendar opens up for more bookings, you’ll be the first to know!

You can also always reach me at to chat astrology or inquire about a portrait or branding session.

Want to chat with me one-on-one? Schedule a consultation call with me for free! I’m an open book.


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