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Taurus is a sign that is all about stability and consistency. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus is known for their enjoyment of simple pleasures in life and their unique ability to be un-rushed, always. Taurus also will really only devote their energy to things they feel are worthwhile, giving them that common stereotype of being stubborn and inflexible. Taurus just knows what they want.

Murphy definitely feels like a Taurus. She says “I like spring and the eclipse season being around my annual cycle of renewal. I like the steady stereotype, the attachments to comfort, and the immovable nature of things. Challenges: enjoying the immovable means I subconsciously create resistance around change/transformation. Accepting this is one thing, using it to my advantage is another.”

When I worked with Murphy to conceptualize the session, we wanted to really feel the full enjoyment of the natural world. Murphy connects deeply with trees and the great outdoors, so being one with nature was key for this session. The cozy green sweater, the bare feet, and the floral crown all helped us really hone in on the gentle interaction with nature on a chilly sunrise.

We also wanted to pull in water elements to celebrate Murphy’s Cancer moon and Pisces rising, which imbue her and her work with a tender, nurturing, and intuitive air. She lives in full communication with that which runs deep within us, and shooting with that stream helped us honor that part of her.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite photos from our time together, along with some of Murphy’s perspectives on the experience!

“I felt comfortable in the space and in my body. I felt confident under your direction and grateful you were so easily guiding me. I felt like me. Me in my element. Me hanging out in the woods. I felt happy and peaceful and Taurus and silly. You helped make the unfamiliar comfortable (which is a big deal for me)”

“Looking back on these moments brings up positive emotions for me. Seeing spider webs in the meadow, finding deer beds, getting muddy, laying in the grass, even the chill (you can see my breath in one photo!). It was nice to be together outside.”

“I don’t take many photos of myself now. I don’t like to do the same things I used to that had me dressing up and taking photos of myself. I also don’t yearn for the likes anymore, because I don’t think that makes me pretty or happy. It is nice to see me being me in these photos for no other reason than to support a friend who is truly gifted. I feel honored, so grateful and appreciative of your experience and demeanor.”

Such an honor to photograph this amazing woman! You can learn more about her psychic work, tarot, and art on her Instagram page and her website.

Thanks for reading!

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