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put your valuable time towards what you do best

Did you get into photography to spend hours sitting at your desk? Probably not...

You got into photography to serve and delight your clients with beautiful images of meaningful moments.

Your clients want their images right away, and taking too long to deliver images can put a damper on an otherwise perfect client experience. 

Toiling away in Lightroom tweaking presets, adjusting slicers, and rubbing your eyes in exhaustion... you could be doing more important work!

don't make your clients wait to enjoy their cherished memories

I've been a photographer for 8 years, so I know just how much time is wasted at the computer tweaking presets, adjusting sliders, and hurting your eyes trying to get a consistent look. 

Your clients are tired of waiting months for their images to be ready, and they don't want to send another email asking you how much longer until their gallery is done. 

I'm here to speed up your workflow, help you delight your clients with faster turn-around times, and get back to what you love MOST about your business!

spend less time sitting at your desk and more time doing what you want

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I am Laura Quintero, your editing hero!

I have been working as a photographer (and editing in Lightroom) for over 8 years, building accuracy, consistency, and speed in order to deliver fully edited galleries in record time. 

I believe the key to delighting your clients is over-delivering every step of the way, and a lightning-fast turnaround time is a surefire way to build trust and loyalty with your ideal clients.

My favorite sport is Formula 1, so speed is very important to me. And I will help you delivery galleries in record time, leaving your clients smiling and satisfied (that's what she said). 

Give me an episode of The Office and a big bowl of Doritos, and I'm happy

are booked & busy, and don't have time to spend hours editing galleries

HAVE A CONSISTENT SHOOTING & EDITING STYLE, AND their clients can recognize their work anywhere

are inclusive of all bodies, genders, races, identities, sexual orientations, and religions, and do not discriminate for any reason, ever.

value the client experience and want to delight their clients with fast turnaround times and high-quality work

value the expertise and time of others, and communicate effectively with their hired vendors

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my editing clients:

$195 flat rate

For those ready to hand off the ENTIRE post-production process, add on the Culling service!

Give me your goal number of final images and I'll get you there!

I'll always ask for your preferred culling guidelines, if there are any must-keep images or moments, and will ensure we deliver only your best work.

A surcharge may apply if you're looking to cull down by more than 80%.

gallery culling

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starting at $1 per image

Take your basic edits up a notch! 

This includes:
     - Blemish removal
     - Teeth whitening
     - Skin smoothing
     - Face swaps (in group photos)
     - Removal of background objects
     - Use of masks or other selective edits

Price varies based on complexity of work to be done.

I will not alter someone's body shape or size in retouching on principle.


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$0.35 per image

Images expertly edited to achieve a cohesive and polished overall look using anchor images to guide the edits.

This includes:
     - Preset application
     - Cropping and straightening
     - Exposure adjustments
     - White balance adjustments
     - Convert to B&W (as requested)
     - Consistency with your style
     - Stress-free online file transfer

All editing is done in Adobe Lightroom!

color correction

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choose your photo editing adventure:

our most popular service!

your time is too valuable to waste. outsource your editing today!

let's get started

want a test drive first? schedule a complimentary trial edit!

book a trial run

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