It may feel as if the world is rushing to open back up after 14 months of pandemic life, and that definitely feels like a heaping dose of hope! With the sun caressing our skin and the breeze lifting our spirits, it’s easy to desire the freedom and care-free nature we felt in the before-times.

But Taurus season invites us to slow down. Taurus will not be rushed, and we should remember that slow and steady wins the race. If you’re already vaccinated, remember to still act responsibly. Encourage those you can to get vaccinated, and continue to keep the health and safety of others in mind. 

Taurus also reminds us that slow is not lazy. Just because you take time to sit in the sun with nothing but enjoyment on the mind doesn’t mean that time has been wasted. Rest and enjoyment should always be on your to-do list, and there is no shame in crossing that off first before tackling your “productive” tasks. 

With Mars now in Cancer, motivation hits a little differently. We’re no longer flitting around like a hummingbird, buzzing with energy and new ideas. Rather, we’re using our sharp crab-claws to latch onto what nurtures and feeds us and we are not letting go. Grasp what you truly want and hold it close. Protect that precious new idea of yours and feed and protect it so that it can grow and glow.

Remember though, there is no use holding so tightly onto something that doesn’t want to be held. A grasp that tight should be reserved for where there is consent. If a relationship, situation, or project is not working, unclench and release it. Letting go of what no longer serves us leaves us free to grab onto what works.

With an influx of planets into Gemini over the next few weeks (Mercury on May 4, Venus on May 9, and the Sun on May 20), that buzzing will come back. Ideas will take center stage, and you’ll see your perspectives and opinions as beautiful. It’s time to embrace the duality of life, and get comfortable changing your mind. There is no universal truth, as we all hold our own truths within us. Allow your truths to grow, shift, expand, and evolve and you’ll find greater inner peace.

Keep reading for your signs horoscopes! If you know your rising sign, read that one first! And as always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.


The focus this month is on you: your sense of identity, your body, your appearance, and your vitality. You are at the forefront, and it’s time to step into this power. Being the center of attention can feel good sometimes and can feel oppressive at others. Make sure you’re very clear about your boundaries and speak your truth. By being honest about your needs and desires, you’ll be able to stand in your inner light and bask in the glow.

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, you may find your preferences taking center stage. This is the time to get clear on what you actually like and enjoy. You might even find it easier to express those desires. Being able to say you don’t like something is just as powerful as saying what you do like; don’t hold back!

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest a clearer sense of self. You are the one who knows yourself the best. Shed the shame and expectations you’ve been forced to carry up until this point. Drop it all and only carry what you deem necessary. Give yourself permission to release responsibility for that baggage. If it’s not yours, you can leave it behind!


The focus this month is on what’s hidden underneath the surface. The subconscious mind is a powerful, sometimes scary place, and you may find yourself more curious to explore what lurks in the recesses of your mind. Hidden patterns might surface, and you may find yourself finally communicating hidden desires that you didn’t realize were present. Don’t shy away from these potential revelations. Let them usher you into a more liberated self.

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, you’ll find a new sense of lightness. The focus will shift from the subconscious mind to your outward expressions. A new desire to look cute, try to new things, and meet new people may come up. In this little prologue to your much-awaited Gemini season, let this new energy reinvigorate you. There is so much potential to be you; let yourself be!

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest a new relationship with your mind. Not a surface level relationships with what you know, but a deeper, more intimate relationship with your core desires. This is a chance to excavate past all the BS and find the real, true desires you’ve been neglecting or repressing, or simply didn’t know were there! After a plunge into the depths, the air always feels clearer and brighter.


The focus this month is on your sense of belonging. It’s a time to find out who you are in the communities you’re a part of. Where or with whom do you feel safest? Where or with whom do you feel like you aren’t able to be yourself? It’s a really important time to remove yourself from spaces and places where your autonomy, boundaries, and needs are not respected. You don’t need to feel responsible for communities that do not have your best interest at heart. Belonging is your birthright.

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, you may feel a stronger pull toward introspection. Whether it’s for the aesthetics of it or for the deeper conversations it brings about, you’ll feel curious about what lies beneath the surface. Question everything, and honor the truths that come up. Diving deep may be a little scary, but the treasures that lie beneath the surface are so valuable.

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest a communities that support you. Shed the comparison game and bring forth compassionate, inclusive belonging. You are equipped to foster healing, healthy spaces, not only for others, but for yourself.


The focus this month is on your work and professional goals. It’s time to recognize your role as a leader, a role model, and an inspiration for others. And while you’re no stranger to the limelight, this isn’t superficial attention. Your charm and generosity invites trust, and being consistently you allows others to invest in you. 

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, you’ll likely feel a stronger pull to be social. Relationships come to the forefront, and you’ll feel extra chatty! It’s such a powerful feeling to belong to something greater than yourself, and having safe spaces to express yourself allow you to live uninhibited. Don’t let fear of not being accepted keep you from living as yourself, because you will find your people by allowing your true personality to shine.

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest your wildest ambitions. What goals or dreams keep coming up for you? Go after them! Make a plan to go after what you want, and execute. The only thing holding you back from your big dreams is the fear of failure or imperfection. Which…who wants to be perfect anyway? The greatest lessons come from doing before you’re ready and trying without fear of getting it wrong. The best way to do something is the way you’ll do it!


The focus this month is on your quest for knowledge. Your belief systems and the truths you hold dear will come into the light and take a greater focus. What philosophies do you subscribe to? What beliefs have not withstood the test of time? What ideas need updating or adjusting? What new things do you want or need to explore? This is a time to expand your horizons, embark on new adventures, and step out bravely into the unknown.

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, your professional goals will get a boost. It may be easier to communicate your ideas, or you might find a newfound sense of attraction to the work that you do. Even if career-focused ambition is not usually your jam, you’re allowed to step into the role of leader and enjoy it! In a position of power, your ability to help and serve others is amplified. Just make sure you continue to serve and help yourself, too!

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest a new relationship with learning. You don’t need to be in school or pay for fancy classes to learn something new. Learning comes as much from experience as it does from books or courses. In true earth sign fashion, get your hands dirty and learn something simply by trying it out! Getting it wrong is just part of the process!


The focus this month is on transformation. Transformation and change are essential parts of the human experience, and the ability to take something and affect it so deeply that an entirely new thing emerges is so special. There is so much potential for transformation, so this could show up in a large variety of ways. What in your life needs transformation? Or what is already starting to shift and change, and how can you support that process? Transformation allows the caterpillar to become a butterfly; what will your transformation allow you to do?

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, expanding your world becomes a heightened priority. Curiosity takes over, inviting you to explore new places, ideas, and philosophies without judgement. Your mind and sense of exploration will be active and energetic; use this to ignite a new energy for the new! Allow yourself to be curious, to explore, and to move with the tides of information. Nothing is fixed, and that is beautiful!

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest transformation. It’s the time to emerge from your cocoon a new being, ready to unfurl your wings and soar. What would you like to be different? What is a small step you can take in that direction? Don’t hold back, the bigger the dream, the greater the growth.


The focus this month is on your relationships. You might prefer solitude, but others provide a stability and comfort that can be liberating and grounding. If you find yourself regularly feeling isolated in the depths of yourself, others may be the light that can pull you back up for air. That is a gift that should not be underestimated.

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, you’ll feel a heightened sense of your intuition. You might find yourself drawing more deeply into intimate relationships, seeking a deeper connection and ready to commit. It may be easier to see hidden patterns and you may find it easier to understand and talk about sensitive topics. This may be what brings you closer to a partner. 

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest improvements in your relationships. This could mean having the difficult but necessary conversations. It could mean a desire to start or end relationships. The key to this new moon is to figure out what it is that you need, and taking an active step toward recognizing the role relationships play in fulfilling that need. Other people are not here on this earth just to meet your needs, but they should at least respect and honor them.


The focus this month is on your daily routines and your physical body. Whether you tend towards indulgence or restriction, it’s time to assess what is working and what is not working. Neither extreme is a good place to be, and finding a process that you can find joy in and maintain is key to finding peace. Indulgence and restriction should work in tandem to achieve a balance between safety and joy, movement and rest. 

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, you’ll find yourself in a constant need to communicate. Relating to others will become of greater importance, and you might find yourself needing more conversations in order to process and understand what’s happening. No one exists in a vacuum, and the importance of relationships with others will be heightened and amplified.

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest a steadier and perhaps more restful daily routine. Your ambition and desire to achieve can sometimes lead to burnout, and this new moon invites you to bring the focus back to rest. Rest is a core part of well-being, and building rest into your schedule gives you the freedom to go and adventure with your tank full of energy.


The focus this month is on play and creativity. It’s the time to devote your hard work, determination, and focus to the things you enjoy doing most! This isn’t about achieving for the sake of success, but for carving out time for just what you want and need and enjoy. Play should always be on your to-do list!

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, you’ll find yourself ready to examine every part of your routine and your health. Try to avoid any over-correction here, as fluctuating between extremes is exhausting. It may be easier to establish a morning routine that nourishes you, or you may find yourself a bit more open and social with your colleagues. Get curious about what your priorities in a day truly are, and weave your values into your routine. I promise, it will help!

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest a new relationship with fun! A good time for the sake of a good time can sometimes feel frivolous, but this play is what nurtures and heals your inner child. Your inner child is you, and giving them the ability to play is how you reparent yourself and replenish your energy to achieve your goals. Make a list of the things you used to love doing that you miss! Or, schedule some time on your calendar to just be! No tasks to achieve, just go out into nature and look at bugs, walk barefoot in the grass, run around and feel the breeze on your skin and the sun on your face! Let your inner child come alive and bring you a little more joy.


The focus this month is on your home and your comfort zone. Knowing where you feel most safe and comfortable is an essential way to honor your needs. And home isn’t always a place; it can be a person, a thing, or even a feeling. Having a clear idea of where you have put down roots gives you the courage to step out into the world, knowing that you’ll always have a safe haven to return to. You might find yourself nesting, redecorating, or just adding more luxurious comforting touches to your space. It’s also a great time to support and honor your personal and emotional needs.

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, you’ll feel a major boost in your creativity! You’ll likely have more creative ideas, or feel more comfortable expressing your artistic visions. You may find yourself feeling a bit funnier or wittier than usual, and you’ll be likely to look for more mental stimulation. With an extra dose of charm and charisma, you may feel a bit more flirtatious, too. It’s a fun and playful time for you, enjoy it!

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest a cleaner, cozier, more comforting living space. Whether that means adorning or renovating your home, or adorning and cherishing your body, you’ll feel motivated to freshen up, tidy, and make other improvements for better, more enjoyable living. 


The focus this month is on your mind. You may find yourself seeking out little adventures in your daily life, or find a newly invigorated sense of curiosity and exploration. You’ll likely feel a desire to understand more things, and might also feel a bit scattered. Multitasking may feel easy, but remember that focus can help you achieve a higher quality of work. Let’s aim for quality over quantity, ok?

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, you may feel an increase in nostalgia. Your mind may center on memories and thoughts of the good old days, and those memories may feel more real then they typically do. You will likely find yourself really honing in on the simple pleasures in life that make it great. You might also feel a desire to redecorate or nest a bit, making your home a bit more beautiful to you.

The new moon on May 11 invites you to manifest more connection with others. This is a great time to find new ways to connect with your local community, either by shopping small, participating in civil matters, or even just exploring your neighborhood! The best way to use this new moon energy is to find ways to stay busy; this is not the best time to sink into boredom. Allow yourself to be carried away with the little things and soak up the focus that it brings. By isolating those details, you allow yourself to more easily see the bigger picture!


The focus this month is on your values. What is top priority for you? What do you consider most important? Where do you fall on that list of important things and priorities? We don’t always count ourselves, our bodies, our opinions as our most valuable possessions, but you should start. You are, in fact, your most valuable asset!

When Mercury and Venus move to Gemini, you’ll find your desire to understand and communicate coming to the forefront. Curiosity will take charge, and you’ll feel a sense of clarity of message and understanding. It’s a great time to learn and explore new ideas. 

The new moon on May 11 invites you to take a more active role in defining your self-worth. Self-worth is defined internally, not by any external factors. You get to decide the way you see yourself; why not see yourself as something beautiful?

What did you think? What resonated with you?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! And THANK YOU so much for reading my writing, it means a lot to me!

Love and love and love,


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